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IDFA Country Focus: Chile

The International Documentary Festival Amsterdam kicks off its festival today through 6 December 2020 (online market shave been open since Monday, 16 November already). With the world’s documentary industry descending (digitally) on the Dutch capital, each country brings their best and brightest non-fiction content to IDFA in various forms. This year, Modern Times Review puts a focus on the Chilean Delegation, who have several projects within Official Selection capacity, as well as available for meetups and «Docs For Sale».

There are six films or VR projects associated with Chile as part of the IDFA 2020 Official Selections. Amongst them, the world premiere of Francina Carbonell’s The Sky is Red, which looks at the fire at the San Miguel prison in Santiago that left 81 inmates dead and a trial without culprits. Arica, a co-production with Sweden, Belgium, Norway, United Kingdom, examines continental Europe’s largest transnational corporate responsibility trial. Maite Alberdi’s renowned, Goya-Award-nominated The Mole Agent screens as part of IDFA «Best of Fests» as does Ana Edwards Mundo. A very interesting project comes in the form of Ancestral Secret, an immersive VR project where the ancestral wisdom of the Q’ero community of Peru joins with VR to reveal its worldview; a magical journey that redefines the relationship between humanity and Mother Earth. Finally, Nicolás Tabilo joins «IDFA Academy» with Drifting Images as he tries to recover the voice of a child who is lost at the mouth of a river looking for his mother.

Aside from the Official Selections, Chile will also bring 5 films to IDFA Industry Meetings. Amongst them are María Paz González and Nicole Böck Dupont’s Ancacoy and Tana Gilbert’s Malqueridas. Finally, coming via Docs for Sale are another five films including Paola Castillo’s Frontera – profiling indigenous Mapuche leader Juan Carlos – and Violeta Paus’s Dok Leipzig screened Water Silhouettes – on conflicts related to fresh water on the Chilean territory.

Below, you will find the complete list of Chilean productions and co-productions that will feature across IDFA 2020. For an added perspective, Modern Times Review also spoke with the Director of ChileDoc – a public-private alliance between the Chilean Documentary Corporation CCDoc and ProChile, subject to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Diego Pino Anguita.

Drifting Images, a film by Nicolás Tabilo

IDFA 2020 Official Selections:

  • The Sky is Red (dir. Francina Carbonell; prod. Gabriela Sandoval, Francina Carbonell) – IDFA Competition for First Appearance
  • Arica (dir. Lars Edman, William Johansson Kalén; prod. Andreas Rocksen, William Johansson) – Frontlight IDFA
  • The Mole Agent (dir. Maite Alberdi; prod. Marcela Santibáñez) – Best of Fests IDFA
  • Mundo (dir. Ana Edwards; prod. Ana Edwards) – Best of Fests IDFA
  • Ancestral Secret VR (dir. Francisca Silva, María José Díaz; prod. María José Díaz) – DocLab Forum
  • Drifting Images (dir. Nicolás Tabilo; prod. Felipe Garrido) – IDFA Academy

Industry Meetup: Chilean Delegation:

  • Ancacoy (dir. María Paz González, Nicole Böck Dupont; prod. Macarena Aguiló, Nicole Böck Dupont)
  • Bastard. The Legacy of a Criminal (dir. Pepe Rovano; prod. Clara Taricco, Antonia Valenzuela)
  • The Fabulous Gold Harvesting Machine (dir. Alfredo Pourailly; prod. Francisco Hervé)
  • Malqueridas (dir. Tana Gilbert; prod. Paola Castillo)
  • Pirópolis (dir. Nicolás Molina; prod. Joséphine Schröeder)

Docs for Sale

  • Correspondence (dir. Dominga Sotomayor, Carla Simóm; prod. María Zamora, Dominga Sotomayor, Carla Sospedra)
  • The Other One (dir. Francisco Bermejo; prod. Francisco Hervé)
  • Frontera (dir. Paola Castillo: prod. Paola Castillo)
  • The Villa Project (dir. Edison Cájas, Daniela Contreras; prod. Daniela Contreras)
  • Water Silhouettes (dir. Violeta Paus; prod. Violeta Paus)

Find more information about the complete Chilean representation at IDFA 2020 by downloading their official catalogueChileDoc Catalogue-IDFA2020

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Steve Rickinson
Steve Rickinson
Steve lives in Bucharest, Romania. He is Communications Manager and Industry Editor of MTR.

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