Bianca-Olivia Nita
Bianca is a freelance journalist and documentary critic. She is a regular contributor to Modern Times Review.

The Director of the Krakow Film Festival speaks about the current status of documentary films and what to watch in 2018.

What is the focus of this year’s edition? Do you have a theme for the films selected in this year’s festival?

Krakow Film Festival is not structured around major themes. We are more interested in people and their issues. We are interested in contemporary issues, but instead of following popular trends, we let filmmakers and their interests determine our focus each year. In general, we look for original films, powerful stories and unconventional protagonists.

So what should we look for in this year’s edition?

Krzysztof Gierat

We focus on a country each year, and the country we chose in this edition is Estonia. Besides the four main competition sections we have a variety of non-competitive ones, such as Docs+Science, Sound of Music and Somewhere in Europe.

Each year we also host a retrospective of the Dragon of Dragons Award Winner – an award that is given for one’s contribution to the development of international cinema. This year we present Sergei Loznitsa’s work in this retrospective section, as he is important to us and won several awards at our festival.

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