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DOK LEIPZIG: The theme this year is Post-Angst, and is inspired by the idea that we are now living a dark period politicall

What is the focus of this year’s edition of DOK Leipzig? Do you have a theme for the films selected in the festival?

The theme of this year is Nach der Angst (Post-Angst), and we selected films looking into how life is in the US now that Trump is in power, and what it means to be an artist under his regime; we also have films about the right wing movement in Germany, and films looking at the broader context, like the young generation in different countries – what the situation is and what are the chances for them to have better future.

Why this theme?

The theme is inspired by the idea that we are living a dark period, politically, especially now, after the election in Germany, where a right wing nationalistic party achieved a historic result. Our intention is to look back to understand why we ended up in this situation, and also to understand how we can move towards a society that we can all be content and proud of.

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