The festival flags resembled the Czech flag except for one detail: the original blue triangle had been replaced by a funnel indicating that films can be ’poured’ into your thoughts. But this new symbol was not well received. As a result the flags were taken down to the chagrin of the young festival director. ANETTE OLSEN spoke with him.

Marek Hovorka must be the youngest film festival director in Europe. Though only 22 years old, he has already headed the Jihlava documentary festival for five years. The flag episode did not please him.

MH: It’s a strange story. We never imagined that anything like this could happen. Maybe we would have prepared the people of the town of Jihlava that we should have flags, because I think it’s important to show that a festival is going on. And I’m sad that the town decided to take the flags down. I hope that next year we will have the flags!

AO: When did you get the idea to start a documentary festival?

MH: In July 1997, a group of secondary grammar school students here in Jihlava organized discussions with people, because we wanted to do something. When I had to decide which education to pursue, I decided to study documentary films at the Film Academy. But the problem was that I had no opportunity to see Czech documentaries, so we decided to make a small festival of Czech films from the last thirty years. A lot of young people came, there was a wonderful atmosphere. In the beginning we had screenings in only one cinema, but starting last year, we use two cinemas for screenings.

AO: The festival programme features mainly documentaries, but there are also shorts and experimental films. How do you want to develop the festival profile in the future? Should it consist only of documentaries or a mix of documentaries and experimental films?

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