The enemy knows the system

    TECHNOLOGY: Manipulation of ideas, people, and influences after the attention economy.

    The Enemy Knows the System
    Author: Marta Peirano
    Publisher: Debate Editorial, Spain

    Russian mass media manipulation tactics or modern marketing techniques ride the emergence and consolidation of collective intelligence applications.

    Today it is undeniable that elections are won through social media. This is clearly stated by victories of people like far-right President Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil, who won with a fringe party thanks to an obscure manipulation strategy via WhatsApp. And thus further establishing a new tool for large-scale political manipulation.

    Before Brazil, Donald Trump used Cambridge Analytica’s psychographic profiling dataset to manipulate the elections. To find those 2 to 5 million profiles per state that were likely to change their mind -that 1% that tipped the scale in his favour- Cambridge Analytica bought hundreds of databases, including Alexandr Kogan’s dataset. That purchase led to uncovering a personal data transaction scandal that has been abundantly reported and discussed. However, the actual significance of this transaction is that if Cambridge Analytica had hired Kogan instead of buying his dataset, the scandal would . . .

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    Marc Molas Carol
    Spanish editor at Modern Times Review, and Catalan music producer, based in Barcelona.

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