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The man behind elections – and Fox News

MEDIA: Roger Ailes transformed America with Fox News. A born bully.
War of art. Tommy Gulliksen

The art of disruption in the world’s most closed regime

NORTH KOREA: Seven international artists travel to Pyongyang to participate in the hermit kingdom’s first arts symposium in a throughout provoking reminder how we are all products of cultural conditioning.

Populism – a buzzword?

The term «populism» is so broad as to be basically meaningless. It can conjure the spectres of fascism, authoritarianism, nativism, racism, xenophobia, misogyny, homophobia and all the other bêtes noires of modern liberal democracy. And what about the documentaries on the populism?

Down the fake news rabbit hole

A new documentary examines the Trump campaign and the breadth of the influence of «fake news» exclusively through the eyes of Russian media sources.

Betrayal and revolt

Michael Moore’s new documentary Fahrenheit 11/9 portrays the gloom of America under Trump and announces the coming insurrection

Lauren Greenfield re-examines the all-American pursuit of Benjamins and bling

With self-proclaimed financial genius Donald Trump being the most significant politician in the world and the global economy continuing to affect everything from Brexit to far-right populist regimes in Eastern Europe to the rise of the nouveau riche in China, Lauren Greenfield’s documentary Generation Wealth couldn’t have been made at a more appropriate time.

Kids of Neoliberalism

How «Generation Y» got fooled by the neoliberal promise.

Alt-right and the politics of transgression

Angela Nagle bemoans the alt-right and explains what has made it a success story.

Left-wing America is on the wrong track

«American identity politicians have no strategy, and do not want one. All they want is to express themselves and progressively radicalise.»

In power for eight years

Barack Obama’s eight years as America’s first black president indirectly paved the way for the country’s «first white president», according to one of America’s most influential African-American writers.