Tag: technology

Life without thought
(World Without Mind)

A past to present look at big tech’s influence over society and how we can fight their pervasive power.

The devil is in the distractions

Solitude is an occasionally interesting reflection on the many qualities of loneliness in a time where we’re almost always connected with others.

Power in the age of impotence

Franco Berardi suggests to us a new activism – not through revolutionary changes, but through a systematic effort to develop a humane and free society.

Technology and Crime Prevention

Pre-Crime addresses different facets of crime prevention work based on statistics, from the police to social sciences, via technological conditions, to practice and effect.

Artificial intelligence

Totalitarian? At the Partner Forum in Oslo, we got to learn that Orwell was wrong.

The Click Culture
(Stare Into The Lights My Pretties)

Stare Into The Lights My Pretties explores how people are being rewired by the all-consuming need to be in touch and online.

A loveless technology

MODERN TEHNOLOGY: Our digital civilisation is more dependent than ever on artificial and technological stimuli.

Power to the people

Decentralisation; many of us have heard the term before, and in Berlin it is a buzz word.