Losing It

John Webster

Finland, 1998, 90 / 52 min.

After a few washes, missing socks is a common incident for most of us, but at the same time it is irrelevant and not worthy of any particular scrutiny. John Webster, however, is determinedly convinced of the importance of shedding light on this enigma, and “Losing” it not only engages the viewer to participate in an investigation of missing socks. The film also successfully combines the strategy applied to the investigation as a way of revealing the cause and effect that underlies the workings of the European Union – which for a detached spectator can seem entangled and abstract.

John Webster

Starting and ending in Finland, the investigation takes us en route through the corridors of the European Parliament in Brussels and Strasbourg respectively, presenting us with many peculiar situations and activities in or outside the European Parliament. The person selected as the subject of the investigation is Pertti Paasio, a recently-elected Finnish representative to the European Parliament. Equipped with radio receivers in the socks, Perrti Paasio heads for Brussels and finds out that he has been commissioned, among other duties, to accomplish the correct construction of a Finnish sauna in the new Parliament building in Strasbourg.

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