short film

    Patarei, a film by Riho Västrik

    A beautiful, claustrophobic sensory assault

    PRISON: An experimental journey into the history of Estonia's notorious Patarei Sea Fortress.
    Walls, a film by Andrei Kutsila

    Next generation dissent

    BELARUS: An insight into the emotions and psychology of Belarusian society, as uncertainty give way to anger.

    The future place for human beings: a zoological garden

    CONTROL: The Léa Rogliano and Pierre Hujoel Documentary What the Eye Doesn’t See is an inspiring work for extensive reflections.
    Do Not Split, a film by Anders Hammer

    Never really free

    CONTROL: (Nominated for Oscar!) A brief, yet far-reaching, glimpse into the 2019 Hong Kong protests as demonstrations escalate into conflict.
    Water Silhouettes-MTR-ChileDoc

    The spiritual significance of water

    ECOLOGY: Fresh from a competition screening at DOK Leipzig, Violeta Paus' short film is a haunting and lyrical look at water pollution and deprivation.
    The Why Foundation-short films-MTR

    Why? Food waste, reproductive rights, and claiming the ultimate truth

    THE WHY: Three shorts made over the years that are just as relevant today.

    A common humanity

    LIFE: A timeless study of village life in the remote highlands of North-west Angola is both intimate and humorous.
    Sama Abuldhadi-Jan Beddegenoodts-WOMEX

    Ramallah, Tblisi, Tehran: The women driving their electronic music culture

    MUSIC: A trio of short documentaries traverse Tbilisi, Ramallah, and Tehran, giving an on the ground look at how what each represents within a global electronic music industry and the women who have made it so.
    Bosnian War-documentary-featured

    Unhealed wounds

    CONFLICT: The long shadow cast by the Bosnian war is glimpsed through the lives that remain broken and disrupted a quarter of a century after the conflict ended.
    Waste No.4 New York, New York- Tampere Film Festival 2020

    Warriors of the wasteland

    RECYCLING: The consumer-cultural detritus of the wealthy occident yields unexpected consequences in a very different part of the world.