DOK LEIPZIG is one of the world's leading festivals for documentary and animation films, unique in combining these two disciplines in its festival history of more than 60 years. Every year at the end of October, the festival attracts more than 47,000 viewers and presents more than 300 films from all over the globe. DOK Leipzig has become an important platform for directors to present their films to a public audience for the first time (2018: 61 world and 31 international premieres) and the international film industry meets DOK Industry Programme to develop, promote and distribute new films and interactive projects. The 62nd edition of DOK Leipzig took place from 28th October to 3th November 2019. DOK Leipzig on Twitter: on Instagram: DOK Industry on Facebook:

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That Which Does Not Kill-documentary-MTR-featured

That Which Does Not Kill

TRAUMA: A certain kind of trauma more common than we’re willing to admit [Director Alexe P...
Never Whistle Alone-featured

Never Whistle Alone

CORRUPTION: In his new film, Marco Ferrari focuses on the heavy personal consequences when yo...
land mines-documentray-featured

Nothing To Be Afraid Of

CONFLICT: 5 female de-miners look to clear the land of danger in the still disputed territory...
Family relations-documentary

Family Relations

IRAN: A severe critique of the Muslim model of a family from within, and subtle analysis of p...
Charles Bukowski-documentary-featured

In Bed With A Writer

CREATIVITY: An Estonian enfant terrible of literature flights writer's block with absurd expe...

The Diviners

IDENTITY: A kaleidoscopic portrait of a strange and divided nation behind the scenes [Direct...
The Ebb Tide-documentary

The Ebb Tide

ECOLOGY: Director Renu Savant gives us the opportunity to see the ancestral, small-fishing me...

The Forum

CAPITALISM: With a world at the crossroads, is the annual economic forum of elites a destinat...
Tan Pin Pin-Dok Leipzig-interview-featured

The space she lives in

DOK Leipzig: The Singaporean filmmaker Tan Pin Pin is holding a masterclass as part of her ex...
exemplary behaviour-featured

Exemplary Behaviour

REHABILITATION: In viewing Vilnius prisoners serving life sentences, Exemplary Behaviour<...