Recreate it!

INTERVIEW: Artistic director at The Thessaloniki Documentary Festival, Orestis Andreadakis.

Truls Lie
Editor-in-chief, Modern Times Review
Published date: March 5, 2020

– What is your overall concept behind your festival this year?
– This year’s concept is the Anthropocene, a tribute that challenges the audience to approach films through an unexpected point of view. The word derives from the Greek words Anthropos (human) and kainos (new). In our era, the human species does not simply adapt to its surrounding ecosystems. It changes them according to its needs.
– We do not touch upon the anthropocene simply through the lens of the environment, or from a technocentric angle but mainly philosophically and existentially. We discuss the turbulent relationship between humans and nature, a relationship that started off with the illusion dictating we are the dominant species, Gods’ own chosen people – and that led to a tsunami of reprimands.
– To frame the above, we are also going to print a special book actually, with a collection of texts which explain things further.

– More topics special for your festival?
– This year we are compiling a program full of groundbreaking animated documentaries which demonstrate how reality can be documented and understood. Also, since documentaries have always been mimicking an action, we gather films which discuss Memes, starting from everyday life and elevate these to the field of social anthropology. Contemporary culture seems to be predominantly consisted by memes – this «techno-pop» flavored term codifies the current overflow of images, which gradually tend to assert their autonomy and obtain an otherworldly substance.

– Any advice about documentary in the future?
– When watching a documentary, always bear in mind not to seek the truth in every action but look for the truth in the deed’s replication. When watching a documentary, bear in mind that the essence and the foundation of all spectacles was that these were invented in order not to authenticate reality – but to recreate it.

– Why or what event made you personally enter into the doc world?
– It was 22 years ago when Dimitri Eipides founded the Thessaloniki Documentary Festival and through his programming, he aimed …

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