Tag: Agriculture

Opposite views of the resource crisis

The prophets say we have to turn back, the wizards conjure new paths. In an effective mix of polemics and cultural history, this book shows that the environment is a product of the ideas we have about it.

The killing soya mafia – Argentina’s lost soul

Solanas' A Journey to the Fumigated Towns offers an inside view on the ongoing pollution and growing extermination of Argentina’s population caused by the soya industry.

The untold story of ‘the red gold’

By using production of tomato paste as an example, The Empire of Red Gold gives an astonishing insight on the uncomforting workings of globalism, and the means of production that has up until now never been revealed.

Two films about modern industrialized fishery and agriculture

Curiously, two feature docs have been released in Austria at the same time dealing with the same theme: modern industrialized fishery and agriculture – and both films were supported by the Austrian Film Institute and the Vienna Film Fund.