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Truth as a game of cat and mouse

MEDIA: The Bellingcat group is on the frontline of an urgent counter-movement against the manufacture and dissemination of lies that are destabilising traditional journalism.

In Extremis: A story about bravery, talent and betrayal

WAR REPORTER: Marie Colvin covered all the main conflicts of our time, always with the same aim: not only to bear witness, but to bring action.

The documents that revealed the worldwide theft from the public purse

Alex Winter's behind-the-scenes story of how an international consortium of journalists broke the story of the Panama Papers plays like a compulsive thriller.

What more can a documentary be?

As the future fast approaches, Dimitra Kouzi raises questions about how evolving technologies are impacting the way we produce and present information.

Life without thought

A past to present look at big tech’s influence over society and how we can fight their pervasive power.

The rise and fall of Ben Bradlee

The Newspaperman explores the struggle for free press and truth in journalism during Ben Bradlee’s time as head of The Washington Post.

The 9/11 debate that never was

It is actually possible to have a sober discussion about the events of 11. September, 2001.

ODD KARSTEN TVEIT: A Chaos of lies

What is it like to have lived a life as a reporter and correspondent for the Norwegian National Broadcaster, NRK? In connection with his new book De Skyldige (The Guilty Ones), we speak with him about Norway’s friendship with Israel, about the massacre in Sabra and Shatila, and about Norwegian diplomacy.