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Turning national sentiments into business

The landmark of the WWI battle of Gallipoli in Turkey and the idolising of individual heroism has become the backbone for nationalist and populist sentiments – and for business.

Raising women’s voices

Turkey's women's festival may be a drop in the ocean of the poisoned patriarchy that pollutes the world, but its part of a current that is growing in power, pace and spread.

Exodus – Catch 22

The Chinese contemporary artist and filmmaker Weiwei delivers a captivating life and death fresco of homeless hordes of people in Technicolor.

State Of Denial

ARMENIAN GENOCIDE: Essential documentary fact checks Turkey’s sinister record of historical erasure.

A Portrait of a Young Mayor

Director Asli Ozarslan first saw Leyla Imret in a newspaper.


The West is increasingly being driven by populism and xenophobia, and time has come to exercise disobedience against the state powers.


Turkish documentary flourishes in an increasingly polarized political climate.


One film festival and three demonstrations tell me something about Istanbul.

TURKISH WOMEN’S OUTLOOK: From the Bridge between East and West

Although there is practically no market for documentary films in Turkey, a vivid, independent film scene has developed over the past few years, reflecting the lebensgefühl and the social and political awareness of filmmakers who grew up in the dual culture of a country struggling to define its pivotal place as a bridge between East and West.

Not a Word about Belly Dancing

TUE STEEN MÜLLER visited Istanbul just before the Iraq War started. He found an isolated, politically engaged, relatively big documentary community that organizes a festival, a conference and numerous other promotional activities all based on a cultural political vision. A community of activists who prefer to debate the filmmaker’s role in society rather than dwell on new aesthetic developments and production budgets.