Interviews with filmmakers and other politically interesting people.

    Karel Valcheck-dok revue

    Karel Vachek: Films just have to make you laugh!

    Director Karel Vachek just died, so we publish this interview. Fifty years after Prague Spring and thirty years after the Velvet Revolution, he looked back on the evolution of our society and predicts a transformation to direct democracy.
    Jean Baudrillard

    The art of disappearing

    PHILOSOPHY: Our editor Truls Lie has interviewed Jean Baudrillard earlier in Oslo – and since a lot have asked for access, we have republished it and a video here.
    Caught in the Net-Dok Revue-MTR

    Caught in the Net should really be on the net if...

    DOK.REVUE: Discussion about the new film by Vít Klusák and Barbora Chalupová Caught in the Net.
    Honeyland-interview-dok revue

    «We have to start with ourselves, or nothing will change»

    DOK.REVUE: An interview with Macedonian documentarians Ljubomir Stefanov and Tamara Kotevská, creators of the film Honeyland.
    Deeyah Khan

    Deeyah Khan conquers hate with a camera

    INTERVIEW: Modern Times Review speaks with Deeyah Khan on choosing subjects, gaining access, and sitting down with those dedicated to making the world a more hateful place.
    Thessaloniki Documentary Festival 2021-Orestis Andreadakis

    «We should try to rediscover the essence and the importance of...

    TDF: Thessaloniki Documentary Festival Artistic Director Orestis Andreadakis speaks with Modern Times Review on the Greek festival's upcoming 23rd edition
    Porto/Post/Doc-Dario Oliveira-2020

    «Maybe we have to wait until 2022»

    Porto/Post/Doc: Festival Director Dario Oliveira speaks on the 2020 adaptation of the much loved Porto-based film festival.
    ChileDoc-Diego Pino Anguita

    «Chile is now living a transformation»

    ChileDoc: With a strong showing of work at both DOK Leipzig and IDFA, Chile's documentary output continues to thrive. To find out more Modern Times Review spoke with the Director of Chiledoc, Diego Pino Anguita.
    orwa nyrabia-IDFA-MTR-2020

    «It’s very easy for people who have the luxury of having...

    IDFA: Artistic Director Orwa Nyrabia speaks with Modern Times Review about the festival's 33rd edition.
    Notturno-Gianfranco Rosi-featured-MTR

    Tracking truth beyond the frontiers of dawn

    INTERVIEW: Gianfranco Rosi speaks to Modern Times Review on new film, Notturno.