CONTROL: In his memoir, Edward Snowden reveals how he helped build the mass surveillance system and what his motivations were to bring it down

Francesca Borri
Italian journalist and writer. She contributes regularly to Modern Times Review.
Published date: September 30, 2019

What’s the point of a smart fridge? Of a fridge connected to WiFi, and thus to your entire home – your oven, your hoover, your doorbell. It can be a music player too or a phone. Is it really just to warn that your milk is about to expire?

We feel more and more in command by the day, and yet that smart fridge doesn’t communicate to us. Rather, it communicates about us. We are not in control. We are under control.

The world’s most wanted

When he fully grasped this, Edward Snowden (36), a software developer for the US’ National Security Agency (NSA), a mastermind of its mass surveillance programs, told all of it to the Guardian: turning into the world’s most wanted man.

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