Is there something after the collapse?

SOCIETY: Thoughts on post-collapse societies and ecosocial transition.

Marc Molas Carol
Marc Molas Carol
Catalan music producer and spanish editor at Modern Times Review.
Published date: October 13, 2020
Collapse: Terminal capitalism, ecosocial transition, ecofascism
Author: Carlos Taibo
Libros de Anarres, Spain

I’ve heard Carlos Taibo confess that, when asked if he is an anarchist, his most sincere answer is «some days». While it is true that some conclusions present in Collapse: Terminal capitalism, ecosocial transition, ecofascism are shared by libertarian literature, it would be a mistake to consider his book an ideological pamphlet.

Carlos Taibo’s Collapse: Terminal capitalism, ecosocial transition, ecofascism is a collection of theses that, admittedly, are speculative. Without abandoning the caution of this confessed conjecture, Taibo explains how many current indicators lead to future scenarios that appear very possible or almost inevitable under careful analysis.

The premises at the base of this book are widely accepted by scientists, sociologists, economists, and scholars from many disciplines and will not be unknown to the reader. However, Taibo seeks to concentrate all this data and hypotheses around the concept of collapse, a kind of anchor and warning to seafarers. He is not speaking of cyclical crises or avoidable events.

Seems undeniable today that some form of collapse is coming. The sternness inherent to capitalism and the multiple crises -ecological, demographic, social, financial … – lead civilization to a certain outcome, be as it may it can take many forms. The collapse is therefore irreversible and inevitable. …

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