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Apparently, the machines are coming for our jobs.

The Economic Singularity
Author: Calum Chance

The book The Economic Singularity proposes that Artificial Intelligence (AI), combined with related technological developments like the Internet of Things, will create mass unemployment as early as 2041. The author Calum Chace has penned several fictional and non-fiction books about AI and boasts 30 years’ business experience. Chace states that “a very large minority of citizens will be permanently unemployed”.

Everyone will be affected. One of the arguments for this conclusion is a study by McKinsey: “While automation will eliminate very few occupations entirely in the next decade, it will affect portions of almost all jobs to a greater or lesser degree, depending on the type of work they entail”. The research is ongoing, but some preliminary results have been released. One of the findings is that in the United States “as many as 45 percent of the activities individuals are paid to perform can be automated by adapting currently demonstrated . . .

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