«In everything there is beauty»

PHOTOGRAPHY: Eclectic photographer Marco Di Lauro has traveled the world and has been published by the biggest American and European newspapers and magazines.

Thierry Vissol
Published date: August 20, 2020

Eclectic photographer Marco Di Lauro studied Italian literature and art history at the State University of Milan before following a course in journalism at Boston University and then obtaining a diploma in photography at the European Institute of Design in Milan.

During his studies, he began his photographic career covering social issues in India and Peru, as well as fashion shows in Milan and Paris where he worked as an assistant photo editor at Magnum. In 1998, he decided to go to Kosovo at his own expense and documented the ongoing war and ethnic cleansing and began working as a staff member at Associated Press.

Back in Italy, he documented the jubilee of the Catholic Church in Rome. He followed the G8 in Genoa and after the 11 September 2001 attacks, he decided to go to Afghanistan, which he reached on foot from the North, crossing the mountains. Arrived in Kabul before its fall, he was wounded by a Taliban sniper during an ambush on 13 November 2001. He obtained an exclusive contract with Getty Images News Service in 2002 and covers the Middle East conflicts, first in Palestine, and then in Iraq where he would remain for almost 3 years. He travels the world: Gaza, Africa, Latin America, the Balkans…, always in search of the human dimension of events or conflicts. He also continues his work of analysis of society in Europe from the Palio of Siena to religious themes in Sicily, Spain or Rome, to the Vatican. He has worked for the United Nations, Unicef, Save the …

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