Donald Trump is far from the only new racist leader out there, you can also include the leaders of Hungary, Poland, Great Britain and, imminently, France.

They are backed by a large share of their people – a democracy’s weakness is that the idiocy of the masses could prove decisive. We see increased polarising and confrontation – tensions grow in step with the military budgets. Our civilisation is in the midst of a vicious circle. The prize of winning with military power is hard to realise eventually: Pointing a gun at your opponent can never be anything but a temporary solution.

The world’s humanist «minorities» are now required to fight more than ever before across the borders

How can we retaliate other than through civilian disobedience? We must not be influenced by this industry of fear and hate. What is vital now, is tolerance, decency and solidarity at an international level. We can see that several state apparatuses as institutions are corrupt, and these need to be curbed. And what exactly make people want to be suppressed, to answer to «bosses» such as Trump, Erdogan, Putin, Netanyahu, Assad and Le Pen? No, it is time for civil society to regain more powers, for the participant-democratic institutions and interest-communities to become increasingly dominant – across the borders.

We saw how the USA election revealed the meaning of state & capital with Hillary’s close ties with the elite – which, evidently, proved enough for the American people. Trump, though, is clearly a much worse alternative. The candidates Bernie Sanders and Jill Stein were at least sensible, but obviously belong to a thinking, charitable minority.

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