The sky is not enough

REFUGEES: The hidden narratives of Afghan refugees in Italy.

Without belonging, what is a being?

TRADITION: Director Chloe Aicha Boro returns to her Burkina Faso village to confront her family's dilemma: should they keep or sell their ancestral land? Witness how tradition and French-inherited law clash in this intimate portrait.

The wheels of platform capitalism

WORK: Ethnography meets animation in a playful digital environment concealing the constraints of the algorithmic gig economy.

Before the fall

RUSSIA How Yevgeny Prigozhin's mercenary army, Wagner, grew to become a major tool in Russian foreign policy – murdering its way across Africa and Ukraine.

Space oddity

SCIENCE: Unraveling NASA's mission to Mars and the psychological toll it entails in a poignant reflection on space travel and human spirit.

Dead humans are also humans

DEATH: When the Mediterranean rejects the nameless, who restores their dignity?

Between Revolutions: «I am more fascinated by the archival material than the present»

REVOLUTION: We joined film director Vlad Petri under a fig tree in Skopje as he reflects on the stories of women's resilience and revolution in his film Between Revolutions.

Dark days revisited

SYRIA: Former ISIS hostage Marc Marginedas returns to Raqqa to confront the ghosts of his past.

Becoming god

SCIENCE: The rise and fall of a scientist at the heart of a genetic revolution and the controversies it unleashed.