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    TRUST ME - The Waleed Ahmed Story

    ENTREPRENEURSHIP: A young man who dared to dream big and chased those dreams via illegal shortcuts.

    Letter to Nikola

    MIGRANTS: Africa's migrant crisis seen through the lens of a mother to be.


    CHINA: The raw reality of daily life in China juxtaposes with a microcosm of kindness in a semi-legal countryside orphanage for handicapped children.

    No Desire to Hide

    YOUTH: Zhu Rikun’s new doc captures Chinese youths as they experiment with their relationships and belief systems.


    FAMILY: A timeless tale of growing up in a land of both magic and hatred.

    How to Kill a Cloud

    ETHICS: Is it okay to modify the atmosphere?


    VIEWS: Sabaya and consent in documentary

    From the Wild Sea

    NATURE: The relationship between humans and animals of the oceans threatened by climate change and ever more frequent violent storms.

    Let's Say Revolution

    SLAVERY: Eternal human tales of suffering told as a shamanic journey.