Massachusetts’ Jill Stein (and vice candidate Ajamu Baraka) is Modern Times’ firm favourite following Sanders’ exit. We are interested in common sense and individual opinions rather than practical corrupt politics. As it is, we are siding with the marginal, and are aware that power structures will not be floored by a minority. The Green Party presidential candidate is not afraid of speaking out against the dominant power. She is not like them – enamoured by power. If Stein was elected, she would probably quickly be assassinated – an established power system is unable to cope with such radical changes.

Dr. Jill Stein

She is fearless and clear thinking. If you search, you will find her political program from the past few years – alternative, «green» political ways in line with our own newspaper hue: For example, Stein’s party wants to legalise marijuana and treat drugs as a health problem, instead of criminalising it. Minimal access to water and food should be a right. Fundamental health and education for all. A legal US minimal wage of 15 dollar.  Eradication of destructive recovery of energy (are you listening, Erna?). In addition, she wants to abolish the current unconstitutional surveillance and make sure the internet is freely accessible.

Her peace and human rights program wants to stop US drone attacks and warfare. She wants to halve the military budget and close the US’ more than 700 worldwide military bases, as they are also ruining the economy. She wants nuclear disarmament. Plus, she wants to, immediately, open the borders to welcome in 65, 000 Syrian refugees. She wants a neutral Ukraine rather than aggression towards Russia, and wants to end the USA’s role as world police.

The main commitment of the green alternative is in fact climate change, where Stein prescribes a US mobilising on par with that of the Second World War (!): There is a mention of 20 million jobs to advance 100 percent pure renewable energy within 2010. She wants to invest in large public transport solutions (which will be rubbing the US’ car industry up the wrong way), and to create sustainable agriculture and safeguard the ecosystems.

This transition to a green economy is supposed to help and compensate current oil and coal industry workers. She wants to remove oil sector subsidies, and increase taxation for greenhouse spreading businesses further.

Jill Stein’s importance is marginal. Clinton and Trump are positioned at the top, as eager militarists, promoted by the power establishment, and the people willingly let themselves be seduced – because the silent majority opts for its own pleasure first. The US militarism has no shame or any critical sense of how dysfunctional its international militarising is.

And not least: Stein is among the very few who really values Edward Snowden: «Bring him home as the hero he is! »

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