At one point in my life I considered buying a handgun.
Truls Lie
Truls Lie
Editor-in-chief, Modern Times Review
Published date: April 18, 2018

I was sitting with a Filipino Army colonel on the Pacific island of Boracay. We had become friends, and he told me that a week in advance some «pirates» had caught up with a large sailing boat on the open seas and boarded it. Armed to the teeth – one of the criminals was seen clutching a hand grenade – they emptied the boat of all its valuables. The passengers survived, at least, but on that point he didn’t go into the details. My initial thought was whether I ought to have a gun on-board my boat rather than being left defenceless in a similar situation. But would I have fired at the approaching pirates to protect those whom I love?

Defenceless American pupils and students are again and again victims of school shootings. On February 28, 17 people were killed in Florida. At Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School (Parkland), 19-year-old Nicolas Cruz wrought havoc with a semi-automatic assault rifle (an AR-15). In response, president Trump suggested that school teachers should carry arms, and that those who comply should get a bonus for doing so.

On 24 March about half a million young people took part in the «March For Our Lives» protest march on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington D.C. demanding stricter gun …

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