She decided that she had two choices, to either move into fiction which, she felt, was less problematic, or to “stay with the trouble”, to let the problems drive the work into becoming something more in line with her politics and way of seeing the world. She also wanted to “ trouble” the triangular relationship of author, subject and technology, so that it favoured the subject more.

CAMP came together as a group in 2007, initially consisting of Shaina Anand (filmmaker and artist), Sanjay Bhangar (software programmer) and Ashok Sukumaran (architect and artist) in Mumbai. The intersection of their skills and different backgrounds created a vital spark in which to experiment with technology and ask deep questions about form and ways of making radical political work. It gave Shaina the platform to eschew conservative approaches to documentary with “the colonial male gaze.”

CAMP members at CAMP studio, Mumbai

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