The new anarchists

EDITORIAL: Can a film director combine both freedom and solidarity?

When I meet enthusiastic documentary directors at festivals, I think how they can be today’s new anarchists. Why? Because many show their motivations connected to both freedom and solidarity – and not just the first (neo-liberalists) or just the second (socialists). I am not talking about the violent anarchists of the 19th century here, or the revolutions suggested
by Kropotkin or Bakunin, but a more pragmatic post-anarchistic, social-liberal, or dissident mentality in our modern society – more suggested by direct actions and reforms.

While the first anarchists wanted to abolish the three monumental powers – state, military, and capital – today many of us want to make them less monumental, to let civil societies and horizontal cooperation grow vibrantly more. In this editorial, let me describe the three mentioned powers, by what directors do – as you can read in our reviews.

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Truls Liehttp:/
Editor-in-chief, Modern Times Review.

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