Docudays UA’s Digital DOCU/CLASS: «Force majeure has happened – and it’s global. How will festival policies change now?»

    INDUSTRY A collection of documentary industry veterans discuss a topic that has been on the minds of many of us: In this new era, how will festival policies change?

    Postscript: the new virtual normal, covering a film festival during COVID-19

    VIEWS: In the new COVID-19 reality, the virtual film festival has become the new normal.

    Waxing Poetic

    PROFILE: Theodore Ushev’s ‘The Physics of Sorrow’

    Ethnographic fictions: A portrait of Laura Huertas Millán

    THESSALONIKI: Challenging the authoritative colonial views about exoticism, ethnography, and anthropology, filmmaker and artist Laura Huertas Millán is transforming filmmaking itself as their traditionally expressive form.