DOK Leipzig 2020: «Naked Truths – Intimacy in Documentary Film»

DOK LEIPZIG: DOK Leipzig provided the informative panel discussion «Naked Truths - Intimacy in Documentary Film».

Safe to say that in all my years covering nonfiction fests around the globe, «Naked Truths – Intimacy in Documentary Film» is a panel title I’d never seen listed in any program. Until now. Presented at this year’s hybrid DOK Leipzig, this thrillingly enlightening (virtual) talk posed a lightning rod question rarely wrestled with: Namely, what is the place of sexually explicit imagery in the nonfiction, non-porn world? (And since we’re getting all philosophical, what is, in fact, intimacy itself?)

Deftly moderated by the selections committee’s own Djamila Grandits and Carolin Weidner, the four deep-thinking participants included Pornfilmfestival Berlin’s founder Jürgen Brüning (a veteran producer and programmer at the Berlinale as well) and its co-organizer and curator Paulita Pappel (also the co-founder of, a «platform dedicated to the sex lives of real-life, loving couples»); Julia Palmieri Mattison (whose short Play Me, I’m Yours played the fest); and Pia Hellenthal (who directed the Berlinale-premiering Searching Eva, probably my biggest doc find of 2019).

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Lauren Wissot
A US-based film critic and journalist, filmmaker and programmer.

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