Krakow Film Festival 2024


Living in limbo

Living in exile is hard, as we can experience in Mohamed Jabaly's award-winning Life Is Beautiful. Despite the hardships, this film is a feel-good story celebrating solidarity and friendship.

Scrolling into the abyss

NIHILISM: A globe-trotting journey through the emotional wasteland of the digital age.

The myth of Melusina reimagined

IDENTITY: Delve into the complex identities formed by Luxembourg's immigrant youth

Totalitarianism then and now

IDEOLOGY: A disintegrated society finds unity, energy, and meaning by uniting around a suitable' enemy'. Totalitarian propaganda has led to the decision to allow Ukraine to use F-16 fighter jets against the nuclear power Russia - with the significant consequences it may entail.

What tricks does the Catholic right have to define itself as the centre of Europe

THE WEST: European culture is «characterized by a melancholic feeling due to its alienation or inferiority towards a source that evokes a nostalgic feeling.» Really?

Memories of a lifetime of images

SENSE: In preparation for eye surgery, Mark Cousins explores the role that visual experience plays in our individual and collective lives.

New ethics to avoid climate disaster

ART: For the sake of our planet, how can society stimulate a counter narrative to hyper productivity?

A spectrum of consciousness

SOCIETY: Simon Beaulieu's untraditional film seeks to convey the multitude of anxieties experienced in the modern world.

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The new barbarians

MIGRATION: When visiting a migrant island like Lampedusa, what experiences can be linked to the theory of the 'Other'? Perhaps some philosophers can show the way. Unless the migrants are the best guides.

War, fear and decolonialization

INTERVIEW: Director Johan Grimonprez has for more than 25 years worked with documentaries that addresses power, media and manipulations trough his more essayistic style. His latest film, Soundtrack to a Coup d’État, was screened at Thessaloniki Documentary Film Festival – where he garnered the audience award for best documentary

Baltic Sea Docs announces 26 selected projects for 2024 edition

The leading documentary pitching event in the Baltic countries, Baltic Sea Docs, has finalised its project selection for the 28th edition, set for Riga...

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