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Godard and the authenticity of the fragment

In his latest film The Image Book, Godard demands a «revolution in the revolution», calling for the subject to constitute his own law against the society, which – according to Godard – is nothing other than a constellation of organised crime.

Never seen before

Ceres depicts life on the farm for four children in a personal and political way.

Heretics the fun way

The new cartoon and graphic narrative Heretics!: The Wondrous (and Dangerous) Beginnings of Modern Philosophy, offers a smooth beginning to some of the wisest thinkers of early modern thoughts.

The many ways to power

The Jihlava Doc Festival of 2017 was focussed on political film. Several films took on the theme of state leaders and the election processes that led to their victory.

The Camorra’s prominent tormentor

From his writer’s prison, the exiled Roberto Saviano continues to fight for the country he loves.

Brexit: the Shame of Democracy

DEMOCRACY: In this documentary, we meet both people who voted for the UK to leave and to remain in the EU, as well as experts like Noam Chomsky.


Italian political cinema will be discussed at Cinemateket in Oslo this weekend

IDFA 2013: Up close with a crisis

Large-scale crisis and catastrophes – whether war, famine or disease – often attract film makers, relief organisations and press. Whether this is helpful is debatable.


Producer and international documentary ambassador Peter Wintonick recounts his findings as a jury member at the First Human Rights Human Dignity International Film Festival in the dawn of a new Burma.