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The art of displacement: Mobiles on the migrant trail

The Fazili family shoots their perilous journey from Afghanistan through the Balkan migration route to an uncertain future on three mobile phones.

A Jihadistic family portrait

Talal Derki's new feature documentary gives a rare insight into how the sons of the al-Nusra warriors in the Idlib Governorate of Syria are being raised to become the next generation of jihadists.

In the waiting room of martyrdom

EURODOK: Two young men are waiting to be called to action as suicide bombers in Syria. Pål Refsdal’s recent documentary depicts a surprisingly intimate portrait.

She is Malala

Davis Guggenheim’s documentary portrait does not contain much new information, but enables us to get to know the activist, teenager and phenomenon that is Malala Yousafzai.

In the theatre of war

Pål Refsdal drew a logical conclusion from the state of contemporary war reporting: NATO military forces will not allow reporters to wander about in the theatre of war, jump on their helicopters and armoured personnel carriers and ride to the latest battle, as the U.S. did in Vietnam.

The hope of Afghanistan lies in it’s women

Filmed shortly after the fall of the Taliban, Iranian actress and documentary filmmaker Yassamin Maleknasr crosses the border and does a round trip through the major areas of war torn Afghanistan, documenting the voices of a scarred and battered people.