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Women’s expression: Two shorts from the Berlinale

The thought provoking realities of Jayisha Patel’s shortfilm Circle, stands in stark contrast to the realities of the cotton-picking corner of Alabama – portrayed in Maris Curran's short While I Yet Live.

Men made Machines

Machines depicts the inner world of a textile factory in Gujarat, India. Men work among gigantic machinery to produce brightly coloured fabrics. The film strongly echoes the work of late Austrian director Michael Glawogger.

The Common Man’s Party
(An Insignificant Man)

Media criticism. Indian documentary An Insignificant Man is an interesting example of how a political movement can begin and achieve authority.

Devoted depiction of impoverished salt workers
(My Name Is Salt)

The Indian salt production is one of the worlds largest. Farida Pacha introduces us to a family who live and work with honour – but also poverty – extant.

Je suis Jyoti
(India’s Daughter)

The documentary about the brutal rape of Jyoti Singh paints a frightening picture of the way women are viewed in Indian culture.

Fragmentary days in Mumbai

INDIA: A new generation of indian filmmakers deals with documentary films in so many different ways. Steffen Moestrup reports from Mumbai international Film Festival.

Counterfeit adultery greed
(The Bengali Detective)

A thoroughly entertaining and profoundly human portrait of a teeming and complex society through the quiet and heroic efforts of one man to make the world he inhabits a better place.

Longinotti and her Sampat

At Guth Gafa, Kim Longinotto gave a master class. Her new film is Pink Saris. DoX met her for an interview.

A better future
(Children Of The Pyre)

The dominant colour of this film is orange. Does it show that Western burials are designed to shelter people from much of the reality of death?

Nero’s guests
(Nero’s Guests, The Age Of Inequality)

Over the past 10 years, more than 200,000 farmers in India have committed suicide. The current oligopolistic structure of international food trade has translated into sustained degradation of food security amongst nations, while bringing small-scale farmers to the brink of annihilation.