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A perverted portrait of an artist
(The Artist & The Pervert)

The Artist & The Pervert is a somewhat atypical portrait of an artist that tells less about composer Georg Friedrich Haas’ microtonal music then it does about his BDSM-based relationship with his wife.

The overlooked «in-betweener»
(Topo y Wera / Centar)

Two highlights of Doclisboa 2018 were documentaries from an often-overlooked category – the mid-length film.

A pop doc out of the ordinary

«Why are you a problematic pop star? » director Stephen Loveridge asks M.I.A. in his documentary. The answers provided by the film point towards more than an uncompromising and sometimes challenging personality.

IDFA 2012: Emotions

Music as inspiration and the effects of musicophilia. Can music change people? Yes. Sometimes. Very Rarely. Just like love.


Two South African film students made a feature-length music documentary on a budget of only one thousand euros and it was well received at the Encounters Festival. Lots of issues to explore but no money for production is the reality for these new filmmakers

A Sound Journey with Evelyn Glennie

Evelyn Glennie is a Grammy-winning classical percussionist whose solo work is unrivalled. She is also profoundly deaf. For Evelyn, sound is palpable and rhythm is the basis of everything. Without vibration, there is nothing. From silence to music, sound is felt through every sense in our bodies.

Founders of Malombo jazz
(The Three Malombo Men)

A film about Malombo jazz, as played and practised by one particular group, the Three Malombo Men.

Music of Cuba
(Buena Vista Social Club)

Aging Cuban musicians whose talents had been virtually forgotten following Castro's takeover of Cuba, are brought out of retirement by Ry Cooder

A portrait of the tabla player, percussionist and world musician Zakir Hussain
(Zakir And His Friends)

“A rhythm experience” is the subtitle Lutz Leonhardt uses for his 90-minute film Zakir and his Friends. A very precise term for this beautiful music film that takes you very far from the MTV experience.