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Stay Away. We are the Horror

Questioning Australia’s Refugee Politics.

The Human Rights Arts and Film Festival Melbourne 2011: The human condition

When faced with the choice of starvation or survival, the family chooses to trade their younger daughter

A heartbreaking story

When Norma Khouri’s “memoir”, “Forbidden Love”, the heartbreaking story about her Jordanian friend stabbed to death by her father because she fell in love with a Christian man

NEW AUSTRIAN DOCS: Trademark – Proper Research

In Austria several public bodies provide film funding for documentaries, giving filmmakers a base on which to deal with Austrian issues, instead of having to please several international co-producers. The filmmakers return the favour by making thoroughly researched documents on complicated historical and contemporary issues in their own country. TUE STEEN MÜLLER saw a selection of the new docs at the Diagonale fest in Graz this past March.

Story to depict Australia

25 years have passed since Philip Brooks fled from Australia to Paris. Now he has returned with a film crew to confront his own ghosts and the ghosts of Australia.