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The Cuban veteran for whom the Revolution lives on
(To War)

As his country slowly moves past its communist decades, a Cuban veteran is stuck in the past.

The power of vanity
(Jean Ziegler, the optimism of willpower)

Nicolas Wadimoff's portrait of his old teacher, the Swiss intellectual and revolutionary Jean Ziegler, attempts to test convictions against realities.

Images of voids in black ink
(The Chilean Building)

Monthly steaming for subscribers: Is it possible to be forgiven for abandoning your children in order to fight for a higher end?

Havana City Boxing Academy: nineyear old boys- best boxers in the world
(Sons Of Cuba)

Is the film Sons of Cuba a portrait of sacrifice, social hardship and political indoctrination? Or is it about a country full of love and passion and the rewards of dedication to the cause, be that sport or communism?

The story of Cuban refugees

Balseros (Spanish: Rafters) is a 2002 Catalan documentary co-directed by Carles Bosch and Josep Maria Domènech about Cubans leaving during the Período Especial.

Music of Cuba
(Buena Vista Social Club)

Aging Cuban musicians whose talents had been virtually forgotten following Castro's takeover of Cuba, are brought out of retirement by Ry Cooder